A Honest Look into my Thoughts; Banos Jungle Tour

7:55am I am loving this desayuno continental. $2,25 for 2 fried eggs, bread with cheese, juice and a milk coffee? Yes please, just wish they would add some pieces of bacon or sausage links. Actually I wish they would add that to any meal. Who is this “they” I am talking about? All the restaurant/food people in the world?


10:01am What an amazing view of the river, the mountains and cliffs. I just wish there was somebody risking their lives and hiking down alongside the river so I it would add scale to my photo. A photograph just doesn’t capture the grandness of it all and neither does my weak writing.

10:24am I like how the tunnels around Banos aren’t finished with cement walls. You can still see the exposed rock that has been cut through this mountain. Cold water drips from the ceiling onto the road and makes people aware that they are driving through a freaking hole dug into an insane mountain ! Why am I yelling in my thoughts !?!


11:40am Just arrived at the monkey rescue center. Our guide Carlos just explained I need to take out all my belongings from my pockets, don’t bring the backpack, wrap the camera tightly along my hand and be careful of my glasses as the monkeys tend to steal anything thinking it might be food. Is this a monkey pickpocket/mugging academy? That would be kinda cool. Maybe pick up a small spider monkey specialised in stealing iPods or photo camera’s. Or go big and get a gorilla who just mugs the hell out of people. I mean how do you explain that to the cops? I think I just gave some savvy jungle business guy a great idea.


12:34pm The indigenous village we are visiting just opened up their traditional hut/tourist shopping destination center. Lots of handmade earrings and bracelets, not much for the modern male. Just tried out a blowpipe and I hit the wooden bird straight up in its wooden heart. I am a natural at this. Carlos our guide almost hit the German tourist, would have been an interesting trophy to bring home


2:41pm Lunch doesn’t look like much but it tastes pretty good. This yucca is crazy filling, I think it is actually expanding while in my stomach. The guide showed us a yucca bush, I don’t know people figured out this was edible. There must have been some dude, trying every single root. And must have failed so many times. He was like the Edison of Roots. Thank you amazon Edison for discovering the Yucca and Potato.

4:48pm There is allot happening in this jungle. I ate some sour lemon ants and their eggs, got a flammable plant like-petroleum smeared on my nostrils, chewed on anaesthesia-leaves that left my gums numb, tasted the leaves of a cinnamon brush( what’s the point, the wood itself is where the good stuff is), learned about a tree that can move about 20 centimetres per year, Carlos mentioned natives living isolated in parts of the jungle who killed some Colombian FARC members some years ago with basic weapons, learned about a death tree that uses vines to kill strangle nearby trees and touched a plant that closes it leaves as a form of defence against insects. Fascinating place.


5:14 Trying to stay above the water in this pool underneath the waterfall. The amount and speed of the water is pretty crazy. Literally. Well, not really literally. But the sheer force is awing ( causing a state of awe) and to think this continues 24/7 without a lunch break.


9:12pm Gotta love a cold beer and papacarne (French fries with a hamburger patty) for $3 at Panchos. This place has a way too nice interior to be a regular fast food dive. On the other hand it’s nice to eat cheaply in a place without fluorescent lighting and a blaring TV in a corner.

Practical Information: We took the one day Jungle (Selva) tour by local operator Geotours. It was $50 for the whole day trip which was from 8:30am to 8:30pm and included lunch. They have their own website at http://www.geotoursbanios.com/ Everything was very professionally done with Rubber boots for the jungle walk provided.


2 responses to “A Honest Look into my Thoughts; Banos Jungle Tour

  1. Another great recount and awesome experience I imagine! Love the monkey pick-pocket idea!!!

  2. The monkey pick-pockets – haha! 🙂 Absolutely beautiful photos!

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