What is this all about and I am wasting my time reading this?

Why is the name of the blog: 188 Days ?

It’s our current plan to travel for half a year and 183 Days was already taken so 188 was a nice round number. And since it is just a plan there is large chance that we will travel longer and end up somewhere unexpected, and that makes it so much more exciting.

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So what else is part of this plan?

We are planning to get married in the late summer on my home island of Aruba. Before that we will both quit our jobs, throw a wedding party in Korea for close friends, drop by the Netherlands for a Take That concert (don’t look at me, ask Heejung), have a few days in Paris and then make it to Aruba to help out with the preparations. And after the wedding we will start out in Colombia and make our way through South America.

Hmmm, are you guys ready for South America?

A better question would have been “Is South America ready for us?” or “What if all our fingers were like thumbs?”. We both have enough flashpacking experience, I have my ghetto-spanish and Heejung has the grammatically correct spanish language skills (as she likes to remind me). We are both pretty much city folk, so we are pretty heavily focused on cities of South America, but off course we will take our time to marvel at the treasures of mother nature that are splattered around that continent.

If you aren’t in South America already, what is there to blog about?

We will talk about our preparations, fears and future predictions. Its also a good way to document the changes that we are about to face. Getting married, moving to a new country that we haven’t entirely picked yet and travelling longterm are things that will shape who will become.

What can you expect from 188 Days?

Celebrity gossip, personal drama and financial freedom. Well, not really. We will provide you with some interesting places to visit, locations that are perfect for photography and a bit of cultural insight. Instead of writing the typical “I had some coffee, read some of this book, went to the museum and got eaten by a wolf” type writing I would like to present focused articles written  which vary from a location to a mindset to an experience shared by many of us. I want to hear about your experience and opinions, so please leave comments if there is something you like or don’t. We have some specific themes in mind that we want to present that on our blog and we will work hard to give you the best bang for your non-existent buck.

What about all the photo’s I can expect to see on your blog?

Well, I’m glad you asked that question. Every photo or video on this blog will be taken by us unless stated otherwise. We both love taking pictures and we will do our best to not fall into the cliché trap and go for some really unique images.

Anything else?

Brush your teeth, tell your mom you love her & follow, read and bookmark us !


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