Why did we choose to go to South America?

Why South America? Why not !

So why did we pick this continent to explore for the next 6 month ? Personally (I will ask Heejung in a moment) it’s a continent I have not visited much even though I grew up practically next door to it. I  visited Colombia when I was small but those memories have been replaced by nineties hip hop lyrics and NBA teams starting lineups (Charles Oakley, represent !).

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I went to Venezuela with my family in my teens, but those were more medical holidays. (affordable and competent doctors in Caracas)

Heejung always had an interest in South America and that made me curious too. She has good taste ( Well, I can’t explain the Take That aspect) so there must be something awesome to South America.

My Reasons:

  • Language (I have my ghetto Spanish and Heejung has the grammatically correct Spanish and it will be much more rewarding to travel when we are able to communicate with the local people)
  • Classic Sights:
  • – Machu Pichu, Ancient Incan City in the mountains of Peru

    – IIguazu falls, Huge waterfalls on the borders of Brazil and Argentina.

    – Salar de Uyuni, Surreal vast salt plane in Bolivia

    -El Dorado, The Lost City of Gold, wikitravel is vague, but I’m sure we’ll find it.

  • Cost (more affordable than Europe and the US)
  • Opportunity ( in the foreseeable future we will live in Europe or maybe Asia, so those are areas we can cover more easily when we are there)
  • Capturing El Chupacabra (even though originated in Puerto Rico, there have many reports of sightings all over the South American continent)

Heejungs reasons when asked on the phone:

  • Latin America has a fun loving culture
  • She feels connected to the indigenous people
  • It has a certain mystique along with Spain
  • But I think the main reason was an anecdote about when she was backpacking through Europe and was in Scotland during the Edinborough festival and got handed a flyer for a play from handsome Argentinean actors. She enjoyed the play and I think that’s how her true passion for Latin America truly began.

So to answer the the main question; We are going to South America to find handsome Argentinean actors and El Chupacabra. Seems like perfectly fine reasons.


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