Our preparations so far

Thanks to Google documents we have a pretty clear understanding of our budget and creative travel plans.

I have visited many travelblogs, forums and websites for recommendations of interesting and off the beaten path places to visit. I have kept them in a word document reaching 20 pages now sorted by country. These are places where to watch the best cholita wrestling in Bolivia to the best graffiti neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.

After our wedding in August we will have some time in Aruba and there we can finalize our itinerary while keeping in mind we are probably going to improvise at one point. During a trip in Mexico for example we noticed we had some extra time that was didn’t plan for and noticed Guatemala wasn’t that far away and went for an extra 8 day journey into neighboring Guatemala.

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Setting up this blog is part of the preparations. I want to be sure everything is working the way it is supposed to while I still have ample time to google problems and fix things and also creating a routine of my own to write, brainstorm and post.

Normally planning for a wedding, long term traveling and moving out of our countries without knowing our future destination can be daunting but I am feeling pretty good about it. Partially thanks to my parents and my sister who are handling a lot of the wedding preparations.

I have given notice at my job and I have about 2 months more to go before I don’t have to wake up everyday, take the crowded and subway and open my inbox to see what I’m supposed to do that day.

Personally creating lists is a tremendous help in keeping an overview in what I am missing and still need to do. If you have any helpful suggestions please leave them in the comments.


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