How I found my meaning of life from an Infomercial.

When I was 12 I watched an ungodly amount of US cable television. After the Saturday morning cartoons ( “Heroes in a half shell, Turtle power !”) were over there wasn’t much playing except those 30 minute long infomercials. And that is when I discovered the meaning of life.

It was for a new Phillips product called the CD-i. This was a failed multimedia device (nineties marketing buzzword flashback) marketed toward kids for gaming and towards adults for entertainment and educational programs. During the infomercial the quirky hosts asks the CD-i Great Wall what the meaning of life is. After about 20 minutes they look up the definition of Life in an encyclopedia and the answer is surprisingly insightful: “All the experiences that make up the existence of a person”. The key word for me is experiences.

I found it matches what I want out of life. This is a personal definition and I know this doesn’t apply to everybody else. This meaning though I discovered fits perfectly with traveling. I get to experience, new places, foods, languages, cultures, people, customs and even myself. All these things enrich my life and existence.

I want to make clear that it isn’t about keeping a scorecard though and ticking experiences of any type of list. For me and I think many others it is easy to fall into a routine and new experiences are hard to come by. That’s why living consciously is so important to seeking out new experiences that enrich our lives.

And what is your meaning of life?


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