Backpacking in style – with an iron!!

by Heejung

A few days ago, Nestor told me in all enthusiasm about this ‘magical’ vacuum bags which you can press your thick clothes and make it very thin, even without using vacuum. Sure, a good idea to save some space.  I didn’t see that it’s really worth the money, it’s not that we’re going to bring the whole beddings, etc. But somehow he was quite excited…. even amazed by it as if it’s some revolutionary technology. He asked me if I can buy them in Korea. “Of course. Korea has everything” I said. I told him that I found a lot of good ones which are much cheaper than in the States, and even at Daiso. Some time later I asked him again,

ME:  So, you’re checking them out at Daiso in Singapore?

Nes:  Yeah yeah (still amazed). I tried some and it works so nice! But the problem is that it leaves a lot of wrinkles. 😦

ME:  Oh noes! You can’t travel with wrinkled clothes!! (sarcasm, yes) 😮

Nes:  Don’t worry, baby. Now I can bring an iron with the space it saves! 😉


So this is how we end up traveling through the South America with an iron. And this post is for the reference in the future for some people who might be wondering why the heck we carry that stupid thing….


4 responses to “Backpacking in style – with an iron!!

  1. An iron??? you are crazy 🙂

  2. This is too funny! We used the space savers too- and didn’t really experience wrinkling too much. Good luck with the iron!!

    • Thanks for reading. I think its fascinating technology. Its not just space saving but water, mold and bugproof. Now if I could only vacuumpack my whole backpack and keep it in my pocket.

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