Lessons I’ve learned from our previous travels as a couple.

This South American adventure won’t be our first adventure together. It will be number 14 or so, I stopped counting after a while. It will be our longest journey together and I am glad we have had previous trips together so we understand both our travel ways.

Patience is key
When traveling with somebody else you need to be patient. Everybody has their own rhythm and you cannot expect others to exactly match yours otherwise it would be wise to travel alone. When I wake up I can be out the door in 10 minutes flat but I cannot expect the same from my girlfriend. On the other hand when the sun is falling and the light is gorgeous I will take my time to photograph anything enveloped by this light while others will be wanting to go for dinner. Patience doesn’t mean you have to always 100% on the other person, but you have to be able to balance this out and compromise.

Know your passions
People have different reasons for traveling and enjoy different things. Luckily I have a girlfriend ( I guess I have to use the word fiancée, but I like to rebel) who shares some of my main reasons for traveling. We both are happy walking around town, looking at interesting people, architecture and capturing it all with our cameras. We do have hobbies we don’t share and those are times it’s okay to go off alone for a while where my girlfriend can go shopping and I can jump into a local video game arcade and lose to twelve year old nerds (hadoken).

The key to attaining Zen and Peace when traveling as a couple is the same as keeping a healthy relationship. Communication and Compromise.


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