How Spontaneity leads to great adventures

Spontaneity is a great way to live a full rich live full of adventures and enhances your travels. These are two of my stories where being spontaneous resulted in some unforgettable adventures.

Adventure One: Raving in Hong Kong

Hey, are you guys going to the Rave party at Lamma Island tonight?” a fellow exchange student at another Hong Kong university asked. It was another hot and humid Saturday afternoon in Mong Kok and we were tired after looking through dozens of pirated games and software in maze-like fire-traps shopping centers.

Nah, what is that about?” I asked.

On this island close to Hong Kong island live a bunch of hippies that throw a party there during a full moon on the beach, the last ferry leaves at ten from Hong Kong, you guys should come” they answer.

Covered in sweat from just from being outside and tired from the previous night of clubbing I feel like the right course of action would be to pick up a cheap bottle of gin, some 7-up and watch Jackie Chan movies with the others at the dorm. My curiosity of course had something else planned and at 9:50pm we have the whole gang waiting for the ferry to Lamma island.

Nine hours later we are on a ferry headed back to Hong Kong island and thinking about the rice paddy fields we walked through in darkness to get to the party, the insane trance music that was played, the surreal sunrise sitting on the beach surrounded by friends I had met that night and I knew I had made the right choice.

Adventure Two: Andaman Islands, India

Regina had been volunteering at our school in Kolkata, India the longest. Her time in India was almost over and she was going to travel to the Andaman Islands for her last trip. Somehow one by one we all ended up buying airplace tickets to join her. I had never heard of these islands before talking to her and the attraction of empty white sand beaches with clear sea water wasn’t exactly a selling point to someone from Aruba. But if my friends were going to some place I had never heard of before then who am I to say no to something that sounded like a true adventure.

Moments I knew I made the right choice:

Sitting on the stern of a boat headed to Havelock Island while fly fish jumped along and Sigor Ross was playing in my headphones.

Hiking through a jungle and coming across Elephant tracks and seeing the jungle open up to reveal an empty beach ready for us to explore and enjoy as our own personal oasis for the day.

Eating ramen as the sun went down cooked on a campfire on the beach of Long Island knowing we were probably the only foreigners there.

Getting a ride from a local police boat back the mainland after having missed the ferry and running across half the island.

Waiting inside a cement bus waiting room with a drunk who had just puked on himself when a cop comes in with a Jarwawa (wiki) (indigenous Tribal people, looking more African than Indian and a dying race). Having the cop explain to me that he is taking him to the market and that all interactions with outsiders are limited and I wasn’t even allowed to take a picture with him.

Catching a bus going north to the capital Port Blair sitting on an upside down bucket because all the seats were sold out while some bollywood movie was playing way too loud preventing anybody from sleeping. Then having a Jarawa hop on the bus, catching a ride for a few stops while holding on to his bow and arrow.

What adventures have you had when being spontaneous?


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