Camera Gear I am bringing along

By Nestor

Warning: loads of Gear talk ahead, skip if you are not interested or don’t skip if you don’t like being told what to do.

Digital Camera:

I will bring my Canon 500D. I have considered upgrading to a Canon 600D or 7D for better video quality and control, but in the end decided video woudn’t be a main focus. I won’t bring along my laptop so I wouldn’t be able to edit any HD footage. Otherwise this is a fine lightweight DSLR and it has survived many situations including a direct fall on concrete.


My trusty Tamron 18-250. I know I can get better image quality with another lens, but I find it hard to live without the reach. I love shooting on the street and markets and I don’t have time to swap lenses. I will rent a Tamron 17-50 2.8 soon and see if the improved image quality will change my mind.

My Nifty Fifty, the Canon 50mm 1.8. Great for portraits and night shots. I want to start a project where I take street portraits of strangers and fellow travelers and this would be the perfect lens for that. I’ve had it for over 5 years and it’s always been great. Ive also dropped it where the front element popped out and after some internet research I was able to put it back together. (I am not as clumbsy as I may seem)

My Canon 10-22mm. This one I am not sure about. I love wideangle, but somehow I don’t shoot it too often. I am often satisfied with the 18mm on my tamron so I don’t see the point of switching lenses. But thinking of certain landscapes in South America, I do feel this lens would really shine. Right now I am not sure if I should bring it or not. I don’t think I would use it much in cities where we will be spending allot of time.

Film Point and Shoot

Olympus Mju2 ( or Epic stylus for you Americans out there). Small, compact, fully auto with a fast 2.8 lens. I love this camera, this is my third one and considering it doesn’t take much space and weight, I have to bring it along. It will probably my go-to camera going out at night where I don’t want to drag my DSLR along. I’m planning to mostly shoot black and white film but I may throw in some Kodak EBX in there for some crossprocessing action.

Toy Camera (plastic lens)

Right now this is a toss up between my Holga and the Sprocket Rocket. I use both to shoot sprocketholes with and am dying to shoot all over South America with them. I have been using my Holga for the past 5 years, but lately I have been having disappointing results to due lightleaks even though I taped up the Holga with more tape than the Egyptians used to wrap up their kings.

So two weeks ago I bought a Sprocket Rocket and I have been trying it out.And after running three rolls of film through it, it is a winner. It’s much easier to load and unload than the Holga, I’m loving the wideangle lens and most importantly, no more lightleaks. As for film it will be Fuji Superia Color negative since they give those awesome color lines near the sprockets .

Other photography related gear

No tripod. I don’t shoot much with tripods, so I should be okay on this trip. I’m sure I will be able to improvise with railings, garbage cans and short but steady children.

I am considering bringing along my intervalormeter. Which is a device which take pictures every few seconds. This is used for creating timelapse video’s. It’s pretty lightweight and I would love to have some timelapse of clouds moving over and through Machu Pichu.

No external flash. I am still not good enough to get consistent results using an external flash plus with 4 AA batteries it is a bit heavy.

So in the end, there is quite a bit of photography gear, but it is my main passion and I don’t want to regret anything. I am also aware enough not to spent all my time behind the lens but also to get into the moment and enjoy it with my own eyes.


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