Time is relative and Tastes like Peanuts

By Nestor

In Aruba we lived for a few years on the south side of the island while all of my relatives lived more towards the north side. Most places are about 10/15 minutes by car away from each other. We on the other hand lived about 30 minutes away from everybody and this apparently was a huge time barrier. Family and friends tended not to visit us as often because of the distance and time needed. On a small island getting to the other side seems like visiting a foreign country.

While returning from a trip to Darjeeling back home to Kolkata in India by train we suddenly stopped in the middle of the tracks. After asking our fellow passengers what has happened they inform us that we had a delay of 2 hours. After being in India for 3 months at that time, we are happy it’s not a big delay and we pick up our books and order some chai.

In the Netherlands some of my Aruban friends had issues showing up on time. I solved this by making appointments according to the train. The trains (most of the time) would run punctually on the minute. When we were supposed to take the 8:34pm train to Amsterdam, you better be there at 8:33pm at the latest or else you can wave the train goodbye.

During my long distance relationship with my fiancee one of the times we lived the closest to each other was in the US. I lived near Pittsburgh and she lived in Washington DC. This meant I would drive to DC in the weekends and I got it down to 4 hours after a while. A measly four hours separated us instead of the usual continents between us. How nice.

Like most things in life, Time is relative.


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