Floating Away in Amsterdam

by Nestor

I had heard of a sensory deprivation chamber quite some time ago but after listening to a recent podcast by Joe Rogan I got curious again in trying out this new experience. I had found a place in Singapore that offered floating sessions but they were asking way too much money for something I wasn’t sure yet what exactly it was. Maybe by now you are wondering what floating in a sensory deprivation chamber is. Well, wonder no more,  because it is a light- and soundproof tank filled with incredibly salty water that is heated to your body temperature. And because of this you lose all your senses you are normally used to.

The first thing I noticed after a while in the tent was my eyes adjusting to the pure darkness. I kept on seeing spots of lights moving in the dark, but I know these were just tricks my body was playing on me. After a while I stopped noticing my breathing and could feel my heart pound all through my body. I then realized I didn’t know how my legs were positioned and it was almost as if they weren’t part of me anymore. My thoughts felt amplified and it was as if I was completely surrounded by them.

I lost my sense of time and didn’t know if I had been in there for 5 minutes or if the staff had forgotten I was in there and I was approaching day 2 in the tank. Once in a while I would drift into the wall of the tank but would then quickly float back in the space of nothingness.

But in the end the most interesting experience of the floating session was when I left the tank and floating center. I felt calm, my thoughts were kinder and my body felt as if I had gotten a massage. Everything looked incredibly sharp and vivid as if I was seeing the world in HD after living in VHS for a whole. I noticed all the sounds on the street and it somehow felt a bit foreign to me.I wouldn’t say I was reborn, but I did have a new perspective.

Overall I would highly recommend this experience to anybody, just don’t expect to find the meaning of life floating along side you.

I took a one hour float at Koan Float in Amsterdam and it was 38,50 for the session.


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