The Ongoing Saga of a Panda called Q

by Nestor

Heejung was the one who gave Q his name.I was the one who picked him up at the Shanghai airport. Some might say I bought him from an airport giftshop, but I would rather believe we became friends and he decided to join me on my trip.

For the last few months he has spent the majority of his time in Heejung’s bookcase looking at her doing her every-day things. Last week when she was getting ready to move out of South Korea the topic of what to do with Q came up. We decided to let him go back to his home city.

We had a halfday layover in Shanghai and this would be the perfect opportunity to send Q home and let him be with his own kind. We had a great day together exploring the city.

When we got back to the airport and it was time for us to get our plane to Paris we had to say goodbye. Neither of us wanted this to happen and neither one wanted to say farewell first. In the end we  just couldn’t let go and now Q will join us in our travels and for how long only fate knows.


7 responses to “The Ongoing Saga of a Panda called Q

  1. Looking forward to meet Q.


  2. Still so creative! 🙂 My fav is “/q-loves-greens.jpg” I love it!!

  3. Wish I was Q… Dxxn you, Q!

  4. Hahahaha. So funny. I want to meet Q.

  5. annemiek en cees, hellevoetsluis

    dear nestor and heejung,
    harte felicitaties van ons allen voor jullie huwelijk. we wensen jullie een mooie toekomst samen.
    de symboliek om Q als jullie reis-maatje te houden tijdens en na jullie ongetwijfeld prachtige 183/ 188 reisdagen is prachtig.
    van harte een geweldige reis toegewenst.
    annemiek en cees

    • Heel erg bedankt voor de mooie wensen. Alles was heel mooi gegaan en we zullen later veel photo’s op de blog plaatsen. Groeten,

      Nestor and Heejung

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