About Loesje and Me

by Nestor

Loesje is a Dutch organisation that spreads posters with interesting thoughts throughout cities. I took some of their online posters and combined them with some street photography.

I chose a few quotations I felt would work with some street images. I first shot a whole roll of fuji film on a tripod in front of my laptop with the quotations on screen untill I filled up the roll. I then let my photolab pull out the film and reloaded it in my camera and set off to Orchard Road, Singapore to find images fitting those quotations. No photoshop was used, this was pure analog film and a bit of planning. Hope you enjoy.


4 responses to “About Loesje and Me

  1. No photoshop used? All analog? wow, it worked out awesome! very creative to mix those popular Loesje-quotes with street impressions

    • Thanks Chie-Young. It’s a pretty cool concept to work with. I was worried though I messed up counting the frames and putting the wrong images with the wrong quotes, but in the end it all worked out.

  2. I love these… nice job!

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