Double the Photo, Double the Fun

by Nestor

A photography project I previously posted about regarding double exposure. So simply put, I took a roll of film, shot images on my laptop in a dark room.

Reloaded the same roll of film and put back in my camera. I tracked which images I took in which order so I could walk around and try to find photo’s that would match the previously shot images and text.

It’s a fun project, but its not always easy finding images that match or even contrast each other.

Actually, I still suck at manual focus.

Oh and by the way Weiwei is free now.


9 responses to “Double the Photo, Double the Fun

  1. The skater image is really good, like showing what that guy is dreaming about. 😉
    I also like the onw with the “floating ghost”.

    • Yeah, whenever there is black space in the image it shows the previous image really well. This is the case with the skater’s shirt.

  2. Nestor, noticed you mentioned Machu Picchu in your profile, I’m making plans to take my family there next year and can’t wait!

    Where are you in S.America now? when do you plan to see Machu Picchu?

    • I am currently in Aruba. We are getting married next week. At the end of August our big trip will start and our first destination will be Colombia. I am unsure when I will hit Machu Pichu, but we will get there for sure ! Stay tuned to the blog for more pictures and videos.

  3. these are double exposures right? how do you get them to come out so clean? it looks like the text is stenciled on top of the pictures rather than exposed on top. are the white images/text on a black board?

  4. I searched for white text images on a black background first, then I set up a tripod in front of my laptop in my dark room. Then I shot all the images and wrote down which exposure was what image. I shot one stop down. Then outside I also one stop down so I wouldn’t overexpose the image. This was my third roll trying this. My first roll I shot was here

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