Where I sleep and such.

I’ve always enjoyed looking at picture of where people stay when they travel so it’s now a mini-theme for me. The following are places I stayed during my trip to North Vietnam, Netherlands, Paris and a stopover in Miami.

I remember watching a segment on “No Reservations” with Anthony Bourdain where his producer talks about being able to tell how luxurious your hotel is by the distance between the shower and toilet in the bathroom.

1) Rendevouz Hotel, Hanoi, $19 per night

2) ODC Boat at Halong Bay (floating boat hotel) price was included in tour.

3) Seaview Hotel at Cat Ba Island, Halong Bay, price was included in tour.

4) Rendevouz Hotel part 2, $19 per night including breakfast.

5) Kim Lien Guesthouse, Ninh Binh, $15 per night

6) Emma Hotel, Rotterdam, Netherlands 85 euros per night

7) Hotel De La Porte Doree, 86 euros per night

8 ) inntel Hotel, Rotterdam 80 euros per night

9) Sheraton, Miami Internation Airport, free because AA canceled our flight


4 responses to “Where I sleep and such.

  1. Rendevouz Hotel looks nice for that price.

    • It is. The price includes a really nice breakfast. I loved their Vietnamese iced coffee and English breakfast.

  2. Historic traces of Nestor, the great. :]

    I only keep records of my hotels when they are memorably horrible or unexpectedly luxurious…kk…or sometimes when they have very curious signboards…!

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