Singapore: Then & Now

I’ve always liked pictures that showed the same place from the same angle but taken many years apart. To see how things change or even how much things change the same. Singapore is a very dynamic city, there are many new building projects but they also maintain older classical buildings. These photo’s are the results of some googling, figuring out where the locations are and spending a few days shooting in the hot sun. The older photos range from 1910 to 1950.

Victoria Building

Stamford Building

St Andrews from 1950’s

St Andrews from 1920’s

Smith Street in ChinaTown

The Singapore river from Cavenagh bridge.

National Museum

Raffles Hotel

The Fullerton Hotel

Hill Street Firestation

High Street 1910

City Hall and the Old Supreme Court

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd


7 responses to “Singapore: Then & Now

  1. Great b/w shots! I’d like to see some old shots of Beach Rd and near MBS before the land was reclaimed.

    • Thanks. I wish I had spent more time researching this project, but these were photo’s I had found online. If I had more time I would have gone to the library and gotten older photo’s from historical books. Thanks for having a look.

  2. Hi Nestor & Heejung,

    We found our way to your blog and will be following you! Have fun and keep posting!

  3. Great pictures! Singapore looks beautiful.

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