What you shouldn’t miss in Guatape

By Heejung

So, you want to check out the famous rock, El Penol ? Granted, “La Piedra de Guatape” is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Colombia. However, here’s something that I think you should not miss on your way to the rock – a small but lovely town called Guatape.

Most people would just get off in Guatape and catch a mototaxi to hurry to go to El Penol. But spare just one hour. Guatape is worth checking out, strolling the town around the plaza.

When you do, you wouldn’t help but notice the lovely walls of the buildings there – you’ll see that the lower part of the facade of each building is decorated with bright pictures or dimensioned images. The people seem to actually put a lot of efforts to make theirs unique and attractive, probably as the town itself is also trying to be a more important tourism hub in the region.

It was raining and we were kind of lost but these images even made me want to come visit Guatape again.


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