Marriage and stuff

We have been married for a month now and I haven’t written anything about it on our blog. So I decided it would be easier to just ask Heejung some questions about it.

How did your wedding go?
It was good. Wedding? hhhhhh. It was great. When we are preparing for it it was quite stressful and hectic, but if I think about it again, I wouldn’t have minded it even if it was longer. Like in India, when it is a three day event. Like 3 day partying. I hope our next time will be like that. I will invite the whole neighborhood and all animals in town so they can feast.

How does it feel being married?
Actually I don’t realize it. I don’t really feel I am a married woman because we’ve always been together and we’ve traveled together. Sometimes it shocks me that we are married and you are my husband and I will see you for the rest of my life… like every single day!!!

What is it like being married to Nestor?
It’s like being married to a talking brown bear. I’m waiting for him to go back to his forest and hibernate and then; FREEDOM !

What do you remember the most about your wedding day?
The moment I walked in. My dad was walking down the aisle with me and at the end Nestor was looking at me and I saw his tears almost coming out. (Nestor: we got married in a garden next to the beach and a piece of white Aruban sand flew into my eye, hence the tears)


One response to “Marriage and stuff

  1. Haha! Hibernate. 😀
    Nestor: tears are ok for men!

    About the picture: nice movement. Is Nestors head supposed to do something too (like cyring or similar)? Because I have a red X on his head as if a picture failed to display…

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