Aruba before & after in moving images.

The above photo was taken around 1915. Ninety-six years later allot has changed. The building on the right is the current Archaeological museum and was built in 1911 as a government office building. To the left of it is the old protestant church built in 1846. In the current image it is hard to see due to the trees, but you should be able to see the church tower. Now next to the old church is the new protestant church built in 1949.

Fort Zoutman, one of Aruba’s oldest buildings built in 1796.

Photo of Santa Filomena Church in 1949. Not much has changed except for some trees. Parts of the roof have recently been fixed due to wind damage. Not a moving image since it was a cloud free day.


7 responses to “Aruba before & after in moving images.

  1. thanks guys, cool photos! 🙂 ah, makes me a bit nostalgic seeing fort zoutman.

  2. You know, Natasha, I still haven’t been inside Fort Zoutman? I really should

  3. Thanks N. A lot of your blogs are entertaining, and then some of them are like mini documentaries. I love it! I’ve enjoyed a lot of your history and “educational” type blogs, like the silver mines for example. Your photos and write-up’s are not only “cool” visually, but the descriptions really hold my extended interest. You should be in film work some day 🙂

    • Thanks Tara for going through all my posts. I do have fun putting these all together and putting them online makes it really easy to share.

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  6. What is the name of the corner of the street? It’s 3rd and 4th picture from the back…

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