Our Travel Themes: How not get bored taking Photos at Landmarks

Introducing some of our travel themes.

I always enjoy the concepts of theme’s. After putting them all together it gives a nice sense consistency over various places we’ve traveled. These are some of the themes we are currently working with. I don’t know which ones we’ll maintain throughout the whole trip or what new ones we will develop, but it is nice to have some concrete ideas for poses that are a bit non-traditional.

Theme 1: Floating around the world.

Theme 2: Blurred Tourist

Theme 3: Frustrated by Great Sights: How comes I’ve missed this for so long?

Theme 4: Presented to you

Do you have any photo themes while you travel?


6 responses to “Our Travel Themes: How not get bored taking Photos at Landmarks

  1. This is really awesome!!! It opens my eyes-! Floating theme is definitely a worth of trying! Great subject, brilliant ideas! Do love this post so much! Thanx for valuable tips!

  2. wow! how do you take the photos for the floating theme? I am going to have to try this. I always end up with Theme 4 hehe

    • For the floating theme, its just a question of timing. Different camera’s have different timing. Just anticipate the highest point of the jump and take a snap. The best floating pictures I’ve seen are here http://yowayowacamera.com/ . I hope the links work since my current internet connection is too slow to verify.

  3. I would experiment levitation soon. Hehe, meanwhile have a look at this

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