Day 1: Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, insert Pablo Escobar related fact here.

I found medellin to have a world class metro system. The subwaycars were spacious, wide and clean. People in the subway were very polite and used their indoor-voices when having a conversation. I heard many things before about Medellin being the plastic surgery capital of Colombia, but I did not really notice this much. Maybe because we didnt go to any high-end mall or clubs but the medellin women in general weren’t as hot as their reputation claimed. Or maybe since I got married things have really changed. Is that true? How come nobody warned me? Question mark ?

This is a simplified version of the bandeja paisa. This was just a bandeja cerdo. A grilled piece of pork, friend plantains, french fries, fried egg, frijoles (beans) and white rice. In the background you can see a pretty tasteless meat empanada.

Bird (sculpture by Fernando Botero) was destroyed by a terrorist attack in downtown Medellín. About 17 people died. Several body parts remained unidentified. The remains of the sculpture are displayed in San Antonio Square as a memorial for the victims. Can you spot Heejung in the photo?

I thought it was interesting they were using stencils for advertisements. Haven’t seen that before.

Sniffing Glue seems to be a drug of choice for some of the homeless people.

Botero seems to be everywhere in Medellin.


3 responses to “Day 1: Medellin, Colombia

  1. So marriage changes one’s own perspectives on beauty- or is it the other way around?! ;] Again I like the colors so much-! Can’t believe it’s digital..

  2. These photos look dreamy! 🙂

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