Dancing Around Paris, NYC and Holland

Coming from Asia to Aruba to get married we made some stops in The Netherlands, Paris, NYC and Shanghai. Here are some of the highlights and our attempts at public dancing of course.



5 responses to “Dancing Around Paris, NYC and Holland

  1. Love this video- it’s so joyful! I’m amused that in a lot of the scenes where you’re dancing, no one seems to notice or find it strange.

    • Yeah, we’ve been “dancing” in our videos since a trip we took in 2005. And I would love to see some reactions but as you noticed most people just think “silly tourists” and move on.

  2. Great video!! I love the shots of Paris because it brings back memories. I saw a lot of these things too. You really managed to capture the interesting things about Paris.
    I’ve never been to NYC, but it made me laugh to see that even the McDonalds in NYC was in lights! Thanks for showing a glimpse of some really beautiful places. Looking forward to following more of your adventures.

    • Paris is one of my top 3 cities along with NYC. I am getting better at editing, so my next country specific video on Colombia should be better. I am always surprised I manage to see the naked cowboy when I am in NYC, I’ve been there 5 times and each time he is there, even got lucky and ran into the naked cowgirl once.

  3. Great video! I love the public dancing! You rock

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