Guatape; Making Houses look Sexy

For those who find doorframes boring please skip this post. One of the major tourist attractions outside of Medellin is El Penol, which is this ginormous rock which you can climb and look over the pretty impressive landscape of the surrounding area.

But the nearby village of Guatape is worth a visit itself. It’s pretty clear they are pretty focused on tourism as their whole village has amazing decorations on their houses and stores.

When we walked around many of the fronts were being painted despite it being a rainy day. All the motiffs were different in different colors. A very nice town that should be combined when visiting El Penol.


2 responses to “Guatape; Making Houses look Sexy

  1. Loving the post – each one has their own unique style. The Pink Panther, Musical Instruments, Animals.

    • Yeah, they put a lot of effort into being unique. The one house with musical instruments sold them. There were many with fishing boats and fish. So somehow some are related to what they do. Don’t know about what a pink panther says about a person.

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