The Capital of Colombia: Bogotá

Random thoughts about Bogotá and Colombia in General.

The majority of public bathrooms (which aren’t free) don’t have a toilet seat.

Colombia has a weird obsession with the Simpsons. Lot’s of Simpson merchandise everywhere and Duff beer is even sold as a real beer in liquor stores.

Colombia is the country with the most personal display of affection I have ever been to. Lot’s of making out and kissing no matter the age of the couple. Pretty cool.

Also breastfeeding isn’t something that’s always done in private. Baby gotta eat.

Some of the items street vendors sell leaves me wandering who is buying this stuff. It’s mostly the only item the seller is carrying like USB sticks, motivational posters and tv antenna’s. My favorite is the person with a scale who is looking for customers who want to weigh themselves.

 Street Karaoke, pretty innovative.
 Museo Del Oro
 Overlooking a forest on the other side of Bogotá.
 Giant maze of Bogota as seen from above.
 Guard in a door-frame at the free Botero Museum in Bogotá.
 Can’t judge love.
 Calentado, before and after.

One response to “The Capital of Colombia: Bogotá

  1. I like the caption, “can’t judge love”.. so true

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