Q chilling in Colombia

Amazing Church in Las Lajas near the border with Ecuador.

IMG_0949 copy

Q looking over Villa de Leyva after a tiring hike. He tagged along in Heejungs purse.

IMG_0042 copy

City view over Bogota. Huge city. Small Panda.

IMG_0627 copy

Q trying to fly again in the main square of Villa de Leyva.

IMG_0383 copy

Q founded his own bar in Medellin. However due to substance abuse issues with most of the staff working there Q was forced to close his bar after a full three hours of operation.

IMG_9914 copy

Q at home with Bamboo in San Gil.

San Gil (1) copySan Gil (2) copyIMG_9896 copy

Q cheering on Athletico, the local Medellin Club. It worked and they won.

IMG_9999 copy

IMG_9674 copyIMG_9767 copyIMG_9526 copy

Q with the statue of a man throwing a bouquet of flowers. Q thinks it is a nice gesture but since the flowers are made of stone injuries may occur and the kind act could be interpreted as a violent action.IMG_0011 copy

sylvia copyIMG_0860 copy

Q at the Museo del Oro in Bogota. Due to the price of gold even a keychain in the Museum gift shop was over his budget.

IMG_0565 copyIMG_9434 copy

Not exactly Colombia, but we went through Curacao to get to Medellin and even spent an unexpected night there due to some airline mishap.

IMG_9776 copy


2 responses to “Q chilling in Colombia

  1. I’m glad your panda found bamboo in San Gil.

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