Cucuya: Our own Personal Tropical Lodge

cucuya 9

“Turistas” yelled one of the children outside playing while we were in our room upstairs. I hoped it wasn’t true and that we would remain as the only guests of Cucuya Eco Lodge. We’ve had a wonderful time so far at this lodge in Puerto Quito. We had our lunches and dinners downstairs surrounded by 3 wonderful dogs (Bingo, Rocco and Zorro) and the manager’s kids coming and going always wishing us a “buenos dias” or “bon provecho”. Marcello the owner of the resort took us in his personal car to the Cascadas Azul (blue waterfalls) which was really special as I ended up being the only person swimming in the natural pool underneath the waterfall. This place was ours and ours alone.

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On our way back we stopped in the middle of downtown Puerto Quito as there was a parade going on. Isn’t it nice of the people of PQ to throw us a welcoming parade. It must have been for us as I couldn’t see any other tourists or visitors around. That night Gabriel (the manager of the lodge) showed us the process how you go from a cacao fruit to actual chocolate. We had fresh fruit with hot all natural chocolate and it was we didn’t have to share this experience with anybody else. When we went for a tour on a fruit farm we didn’t have to wait for any other people or be restricted by their dietary restrictments. We attempted to make some rings out of palm nut wood and when our ineptness at manual labour showed Gabriel took over and made us some shiny new wooden rings that we still wear.


cucuya 2

cucuya 6

So when I looked out the window and realised there were no new turistas coming and we had the place to ourselves I smiled and laid back down in bed again.

Practical Information; Cucuya Eco Lodge.:  Their website


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  1. beautiful post!

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