A Honest look into my thoughts: Quito

What I was thinking around the time I took the photo.


This is now the second time I’ve a costumed person walking around in South America dressed for no apparent reason ( see Bogota). I guess they don’t change into their regular outfit at their place of work and just go home in their costume. Must be an awkward commute or it could be pretty cool. How can anybody ever get angry at a smurf.


Could that be the actual president of Ecuador? It’s just the weekly changing of the guards. Does he do that every week? Seems kinda a waste of his time. It could be him, there seem to be some protestors in front, I don’t think they would bother if it was some random bureaucratic figure. [turns out it was the president as it was Flag day, guess we are not the educated travellers we believe to be]


Itchimbia Park (yeah, I had to Google that one) has an awesome exhibition centre. This glass building shows the amazing (one of my most overused words) view over Quito. The exhibit itself wasn’t great but as it as free how can I complain. We were looking forward to renting bikes and discovering the rest of the park, but sadly they were still building the bike rental building as we were there.

quito 2

Main entrance of the Basilica of Quito. The statue of of John Paul II. Most churches we’ve seen in Old Town have an entry fee, something we aren’t used coming from Colombia. Normally I don’t mind entry fees if they are worth it but when it is combined with no photography then I don’t bother. The exception is Iglesia de la Compania. The entry fee includes a guide and I personally believe it is the most beautiful church I have been to. Wish I had a photo to show you.

800 quito

This one of those times you just have to look around you and observe what others are doing. Do they eat the popcorn separately or are they like my instinct is telling me to do dumping the whole bowl of popcorn into the soup. I wonder how my instincts developed an opinion on popcorn. It turns out both are an accepted option.


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