Diary of 27 hour bus trip from Ecuador to Peru

IMG_0483 copy

11:40 AM

Not exactly the royal class I was expecting. I have a semi-functional IPod filled to the brim with podcasts, 3 bags of chips and an empty bottle of water. The good thing is unlike other Ecuadorian bus trips is that we won’t pick up other passengers on the side of the road. I’m curious to see what movie they will play. I think I’ve only seen action movies in Ecuador; the Jean-Claude Van Damme/Dennis Rodman classic “Doubleteam”, unstoppable, the Next Karate Kid and the straight-to-DVD Death Race 2. This line-up was better than Colombia though where the highlight was a Christian Divorce drama with Kirk Cameron and a pirated bad quality version of “the Rise of the Planet of the Apes”.

Currently Listening: ESPN First Take: Does Romo have the clutch gene?

Outside the window: Flat, dry, no trees. Almost what I envision Australia to be

Body: Okay, a bit tired from the Halloween party the previous night

Heejung: Eyes closed, sleeping?!?

IMG_0488 copy

01:06 PM

Just had lunch consisting of okay chicken and rice.

Currently Listening: ESPN Football, I started to watch the A-Team which they decided to play at the usual deafening volume. But the movie has stopped playing twice now and I think the DVD player might be busted.

Outside the window: We just passed through a small town. There were some people swimming in the river. I wonder if they ever have tourists

Body: Semi-full but thirsty. Need to buy some water soon

Heejung: She is also writing, copying my running diary idea. Now she is struggling to open our Jello dessert.

IMG_0485 copy

03:17 PM

Had a short nap. Realized that as Ecuador’s largest city it was surprisingly easy and traffic free to get out of compared to its sister Quito.

Currently listening: ESPN Football, but I’m going to join Heejung and watch some Korean talent show.

Outside the window: Flat and boring. I’ve been spoiled by the amazing mountain landscapes on previous bus rides.

Body: Better after the nap, still thirsty.

Heejung: See above

IMG_0497 copy

04:10 PM

We just exited Ecuador. We are in no mans land waiting for the other passengers to come back from immigration.

Currently listening: Nothing

Outside the window: picture

Body: Good, able to stretch when we got of the bus

Heejung: Studying her passport for some reason


05:31 PM

We just passed through immigration and we are now officially in Peru. I just exchanged ten dollars to get some local money and hope I didn’t get ripped off too badly since I have no clue about the exchange rate. They guy also stamped the local money gave to me. I have since read that if it turns out my money was fake then I can use the stamp to identify the money changer.

Currently Listening: ESPN The B.S. Podcast

Outside the window: picture

Body: Functional

Heejung: Waiting with her notebook on her lap for the bus to move so she can watch her tv show

07:56 PM

We got of out the bus for a customs inspections even though we’ve been in the country for almost 3 hours now. No clue why it’s so far away from the border. Nobody got caught smuggling anything though.

Outside the window: Pitch darkness

Currently listening: Inception, playing on the bus at a very loud level

Heejung: She was sleeping until we had to get out for the customs inspection. She is watching Inception now.

Body: functional but hungry.

01:00 AM


Currently Listening: This one guy snoring quite loudly

Outside the window: Blackness

Body: Asleep

Heejung: Asleep

07:51 AM

Had a decent sleep. Seats are more comfortable than regular Ecuadorian busses but I still wouldn’t classify it as Royal Class. This urban town we are passing through doesn’t look much different than one in Ecuador.

Currently Listening: Lil Wayne

Outside the Window: Concrete, industrial town with grey skies ( HJ says its Chimbote)

Body: Okay, legs are tired, I don’t think I am designed to sleep on a chair

Heejung: Eating cookies, since they haven’t served breakfast yet.

IMG_0522 copy

10:12 AM

We just had a rest stop in Peru. A group of stray dogs was patrolling the parking lot.

Currently listening: ESPN Football

Outside the window: Dusty rest stop with aforementioned dogs

Body: Feeling better after stretch

Heejung: Reading Spanish Cosmo

IMG_0518 copy


Arrived in Lima Peru after 27 hours in the bus.

Currently listening: Comedy Bang Bang

Outside the window: Capital of Peru, Lima

Body: Alive and well

Heejung: She also made it in one piece.


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