Q all over Peru

q peru panda (1)

Q at the main square in Arequipa

q peru panda (2)

Q watching the original Inca king and queen come out of Lake Titicaca.

q peru panda (3)

Inca checking out the Pacific Ocean from Lima.

q peru panda (4)

Q trying to cross the street to the main square in Lima

q peru panda (5)

Q enjoying the view in the country side of Arequipa with volcanoes in the background.

q peru panda (6)

Q is lost in Cuzo

q peru panda (7)

Q and Machu Picchu and 2 strangers posing with him.

q peru panda (8)

Again Q at Machu  Picchu. He must really like that place.

q peru panda (9)

Q hiding at the Inca buildings of Pisac. Can you find him?

q peru panda (10)

Q going down to Cuzco.

q peru panda (13)

Q with the hard to spell Ollantaytambo in the background.


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