Lounging in La Paz

We got a bus from Cuzco, Peru (10pm departure)  to La Paz, Bolivia (4pm arrival) transferring in Puno and Copacabana. I woke up when we got close to La Paz and I was a bit shocked. The sky was dark, cloudy and grey. The streets were dirty with trash lining up the “sidewalks”. It was chaotic with small markets, busses stopping anywhere and no splash of color anywhere. Welcome to “El Alto”, a city on top of the Bolivian Capital La Paz. I don’t have any photo’s of El Alto, so I don’t really know why I typed all that.



Our Hotel (Milton) was right outside a small daily street market. Lots of fresh and unidentified veggies were sold there.





Some of the street art we came across. I didn’t find as many as say in Bogota, but then I again maybe we didn’t explore the right neighbourhoods.


A photo of La Paz at night from El Alto. El Alto is about half a kilometre higher than La Paz which is already the world’s highest capital.


A Photo inside one of the store in the “Witches Market”. A strip of shops that sell any type of supernatural remedy you might need due to unrequited love, lack of money, general depression or sore feet. I bought some souvenirs here so I asked the lady if I could take some pictures of her store. Somehow it bothers me when tourists take photo’s of these stores without asking or buying something.



Dried llama foetuses. The perfect souvenir for the person who has everything. No, actually it’s very tasty when boiled in a chicken broth with some potatoes. Okay, the truth is, this is that besides a building permit a dried llama foetus is one of the most important things when building a new home or shop. This is buried underneath the foundation of the new structure to bring luck, protection and rainbows.



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