Critters and Creatures in the Bolivian Jungle

The jungle is filled with life. We aren’t really wildlife people but this was really fascinating. We didn’t get to see any large animals like a jaguar, since most large animals are nocturnal and we are very much dayturnal. But we did get to see a lot of bugs. So here we go:



This is a scorpion spider. We saw a whole bunch of crazy spiders and centipedes during a hike through a canyon. But this one was the coolest. The guide said this one is really dangerous and also preys on the other large spiders for food.


This was an awesome Capybara we saw from the boat with a bird on his back. A capybara is the world’s largest rodent (rat cousin).




There were so many different kinds of ants in the jungle. It was pretty crazy. The thing the guide told us to watch out the most for were fire-ants. He was more concerned about them than spiders. Interesting fact time : When combined, all ants in the world weigh about as much as all humans



Howler monkeys. Very loud and very wild. This was a close as we got.





Paw print of a jaguar in the mud. That’s as close as we got to a jaguar.



Find the grasshopper.


Tarantula we found in the jungle. It was pretty fast. I was taking a lot of pictures of it until our guide decided to put his toe beside it to show us the scale. I don’t know if that was the smartest move but at that moment a frog appears and the tarantula goes after the frog.


Another huge ant. Tasted a bit sour.


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