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All about our travels in Colombia

Repeating themes across Colombia

First up is Heejung Presenting things. Somehow she doesn’t always manage to put the subject directly on her hand.

IMG_9919 copy

Here is Heejung presenting a Church in Barichara. She doesn’t quite get it.IMG_9653 copy

Heejung presenting a garden/jungle in Banos. Not quite there yet.IMG_6521 copy

Okay, this is in Aruba, not Colombia, But I didn’t know where else to put it.

IMG_9438 copy

Heejung presenting a huge rock. People climb the rock. People take pictures of the rock.

Here is my Blurry Tourist theme. The only picture I took in Colombia was 3 hours before leaving Colombia at the las Lajas Church

IMG_0968 copy

And finally is Heejung’s frustrated face “How come I never visited here before?”

IMG_9907 copyIMG_9774 copyIMG_9617 copyIMG_9439 copyIMG_0956 copyIMG_0626 copyIMG_0043 copy

So angry and frustrated at never visiting all these places before.


Q chilling in Colombia

Amazing Church in Las Lajas near the border with Ecuador.

IMG_0949 copy

Q looking over Villa de Leyva after a tiring hike. He tagged along in Heejungs purse.

IMG_0042 copy

City view over Bogota. Huge city. Small Panda.

IMG_0627 copy

Q trying to fly again in the main square of Villa de Leyva.

IMG_0383 copy

Q founded his own bar in Medellin. However due to substance abuse issues with most of the staff working there Q was forced to close his bar after a full three hours of operation.

IMG_9914 copy

Q at home with Bamboo in San Gil.

San Gil (1) copySan Gil (2) copyIMG_9896 copy

Q cheering on Athletico, the local Medellin Club. It worked and they won.

IMG_9999 copy

IMG_9674 copyIMG_9767 copyIMG_9526 copy

Q with the statue of a man throwing a bouquet of flowers. Q thinks it is a nice gesture but since the flowers are made of stone injuries may occur and the kind act could be interpreted as a violent action.IMG_0011 copy

sylvia copyIMG_0860 copy

Q at the Museo del Oro in Bogota. Due to the price of gold even a keychain in the Museum gift shop was over his budget.

IMG_0565 copyIMG_9434 copy

Not exactly Colombia, but we went through Curacao to get to Medellin and even spent an unexpected night there due to some airline mishap.

IMG_9776 copy

Floating Around Colombia

We floated in the follow locations (order of photo’s): Medellin,                       Bogota, Silvia, Villa de Leyva, Barichara, San Gil, Popayan and                              San Gil again.



Las Lajas, The Church in the Valley

This is probably the most impressively located Church I have ever seen. Situated in a Valley near the border of Colombia and Ecuador this Church with its many many grey large bricks does nothing but impress. During the walk down toward the church you will see many plaques documented the various miracles that have been attributed by praying at this church. The alter part of the church incorporates the rocky mountain side.Las Lajas Colombia (1)Las Lajas Colombia (2)Las Lajas Colombia (3)Las Lajas Colombia (4)

The Capital of Colombia: Bogotá

Random thoughts about Bogotá and Colombia in General.

The majority of public bathrooms (which aren’t free) don’t have a toilet seat.

Colombia has a weird obsession with the Simpsons. Lot’s of Simpson merchandise everywhere and Duff beer is even sold as a real beer in liquor stores.

Colombia is the country with the most personal display of affection I have ever been to. Lot’s of making out and kissing no matter the age of the couple. Pretty cool.

Also breastfeeding isn’t something that’s always done in private. Baby gotta eat.

Some of the items street vendors sell leaves me wandering who is buying this stuff. It’s mostly the only item the seller is carrying like USB sticks, motivational posters and tv antenna’s. My favorite is the person with a scale who is looking for customers who want to weigh themselves.

 Street Karaoke, pretty innovative.
 Museo Del Oro
 Overlooking a forest on the other side of Bogotá.
 Giant maze of Bogota as seen from above.
 Guard in a door-frame at the free Botero Museum in Bogotá.
 Can’t judge love.
 Calentado, before and after.

Moving on through Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva: A Pictorial

San Gil & Barichara

Since I don’t know what to write about San Gil and our day trip to nearby Barichara I decided to ask Heejung about it so I don’t have to think about it.

What was the best part about San Gil?

Freshly cooked empanadas every morning. Corn and steak on a stick at night. Huge sleepy trees in the park and Nestor buying me tintos (Colombian Coffee) every day.

How was white water rafting?

It was a lifetime experience because it was my first time to experience white water rafting and because I also almost saw heaven until Nestor caught my foot and brought me back to life. I twas beautiful, I mean heaven. [Nestor: during one of the rapids, Heejung almost fell out of the boat until I grabbed her ankle and kept her inside the raft]

What was your favorite thing to eat in San Gil?

See the answer above Plus El Mana (restaurant recommended in Lonely Planet). Nine thousand five hundred pesos, Salad, appetizer, soup, garlic bread which I really liked, main dish, fresh fruit juice and dessert.

How would you describe San Gil to people and would you recommend it?

Yes, I would. San Gil is a small city which may at a first glance may look quite crowded and boring, but there are allot of activities to do, but even if you don’t do these (like water rafting) its a good place to just relax and enjoy some nice food. I would recommend to go up to the upper part of San Gil where you can enjoy the view and watch the people of San Gil living their every day life.

What do you remember about Barichara?

<Heejung frowns> I’m sorry to say this, but I remember so many old churches, some of which smelled quite bad. Over.

Please make up a story of where the name Barichara came from:

It was founded by a missionary from Sevilla, Spain, whose name was Barito Miguel Sanchez and his nickname was Barichad and he was really popular among local people and he was always fun and great storyteller and kids were always around him and somehow kids started calling him Senor Baricharia and from there on the town was called Barichara.

Guatape; Making Houses look Sexy

For those who find doorframes boring please skip this post. One of the major tourist attractions outside of Medellin is El Penol, which is this ginormous rock which you can climb and look over the pretty impressive landscape of the surrounding area.

But the nearby village of Guatape is worth a visit itself. It’s pretty clear they are pretty focused on tourism as their whole village has amazing decorations on their houses and stores.

When we walked around many of the fronts were being painted despite it being a rainy day. All the motiffs were different in different colors. A very nice town that should be combined when visiting El Penol.

El Peñol or El Peñón de Guatapé

I didn’t really know what to type about this attraction since I didn’t actually go all the way up this huge rock (Heejung did though). I consulted wikipedia seeing what I could copy and paste and discovered there seems to be a dispute about which town the rock belongs to and which name it has. I remember being in Guatape and asking about El Peñol ( which is how the guidebooks refer it as) but the locals in Guatape corrected us in saying it was “El Peñón de Guatapé“.

In the end, I don’t know what the correct name is, but it remains a massive piece of rock.

A view of Guatape’s church.

A well in the nearby town of Guatape.

Unfinished versus finished result of the famous decorations on the houses of Guatape.