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Santa Cruz Zoo

As soon as we got to the largest city in Bolivia we checked in and went to the Zoo. Lonely planet said they had sloths roaming around the zoo. I like sloths, I would even put them on my top five awesome animals list. Within 5 minutes of arriving at the Zoo we saw the Sloth, climbing down a tree onto the roof of a birdcage. He tried to get down but wasn’t able to and had to get back into the tree. That whole process took a full twenty minutes. That was the highlight of the zoo visit.









Otavalo Animal Market; Her & His Views

Mini Market

After visiting the animal market would you consider becoming a vegetarian?

Nestor: Not really. I’ve seen how meat is produced in the west and it’s not a nice process. If that won’t convince me to become a vegetarian, this won’t either. Once science figures out how to produce a food product that tastes the same as meat with the same vitamins and other essentials components this would be a great option.

Heejung: Yes, very briefly.


What animal at the market would you like the eat the least?

Nestor: I guess baby chicken. Seems like too many bones and too little meat. Seems like a hassle.

Heejung: Cat. I saw cats.

otavalo 5otavalo 3

otavalo 18

If you could be any animal in the world what would you be?

Nestor: I would have to go for a Galapagos tortoise? Living a long peaceful live without natural enemies. I’m sure being a slow creature also gives you allot of personal insight and calmness like a animal-monk.

Heejung: A dog at Nestor’s parents house. Because their dogs are well fed and well taken care off.

IMG_1093 less blue


Is Otavalo a handicraft shopping paradise?

Nestor: I guess so. I’m not a big shopper, but there was a lot of different things to buy and not expensive at all. Market vendors so far have also been very calm and less pushy compared to places in South East Asia, China and India.

Heejung: Yes. I didn’t know it at that time, but after visiting other market in other countries, Otavalo has a very wide variety of handicrafts and the prices were good. But they don’t have funny t-shirts.

IMG_1048 less blue psdIMG_1082

What are three recommendations you would give for travellers going to Otavalo?

Nestor: Don’t miss the animal market on Saturday. Get up early, by 9:30am things already start dying down. 2) Go see a local band playing Andean Folk Music at one of the Pena’s that Otavalo has to offer. 3) The Mirador (viewpoint) de la Cruz isn’t really worth it, save your oxygen.

Heejung: Do a tour. Visiting the nearby communities in including a local school.

IMG_1109otavalo 4otavalo 6otavalo 10otavalo 7otavalo 8otavalo 11 croppedotavalo 12otavalo 13otavalo 14otavalo 15otavalo 16otavalo 17

Practical information: Every Saturday in Otavalo, Ecuador. Walking distance from the main plaza. Get there early as by 9am most of the animals are sold and the market will be dying down.