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Amsterdam Street Art

Graffiti, stencilling, stickering always has fascinated me so you can always except a good amount of photo’s of them on this site. My favorite is the Colonel Sanders capitalism/consume piece.


amsterdam graffiti (1)

amsterdam graffiti (2)

amsterdam graffiti (3)

amsterdam graffiti (4)

amsterdam graffiti (5)

amsterdam graffiti (6)

amsterdam graffiti (7)

amsterdam graffiti (8)

amsterdam graffiti (9)

amsterdam graffiti (14)

amsterdam graffiti (13)

amsterdam graffiti (11)

amsterdam graffiti (12)

amsterdam graffiti (15)

amsterdam graffiti (16)

amsterdam graffiti (10)




Lounging in La Paz

We got a bus from Cuzco, Peru (10pm departure)  to La Paz, Bolivia (4pm arrival) transferring in Puno and Copacabana. I woke up when we got close to La Paz and I was a bit shocked. The sky was dark, cloudy and grey. The streets were dirty with trash lining up the “sidewalks”. It was chaotic with small markets, busses stopping anywhere and no splash of color anywhere. Welcome to “El Alto”, a city on top of the Bolivian Capital La Paz. I don’t have any photo’s of El Alto, so I don’t really know why I typed all that.



Our Hotel (Milton) was right outside a small daily street market. Lots of fresh and unidentified veggies were sold there.





Some of the street art we came across. I didn’t find as many as say in Bogota, but then I again maybe we didn’t explore the right neighbourhoods.


A photo of La Paz at night from El Alto. El Alto is about half a kilometre higher than La Paz which is already the world’s highest capital.


A Photo inside one of the store in the “Witches Market”. A strip of shops that sell any type of supernatural remedy you might need due to unrequited love, lack of money, general depression or sore feet. I bought some souvenirs here so I asked the lady if I could take some pictures of her store. Somehow it bothers me when tourists take photo’s of these stores without asking or buying something.



Dried llama foetuses. The perfect souvenir for the person who has everything. No, actually it’s very tasty when boiled in a chicken broth with some potatoes. Okay, the truth is, this is that besides a building permit a dried llama foetus is one of the most important things when building a new home or shop. This is buried underneath the foundation of the new structure to bring luck, protection and rainbows.


Guatape; Making Houses look Sexy

For those who find doorframes boring please skip this post. One of the major tourist attractions outside of Medellin is El Penol, which is this ginormous rock which you can climb and look over the pretty impressive landscape of the surrounding area.

But the nearby village of Guatape is worth a visit itself. It’s pretty clear they are pretty focused on tourism as their whole village has amazing decorations on their houses and stores.

When we walked around many of the fronts were being painted despite it being a rainy day. All the motiffs were different in different colors. A very nice town that should be combined when visiting El Penol.

Day 1: Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, insert Pablo Escobar related fact here.

I found medellin to have a world class metro system. The subwaycars were spacious, wide and clean. People in the subway were very polite and used their indoor-voices when having a conversation. I heard many things before about Medellin being the plastic surgery capital of Colombia, but I did not really notice this much. Maybe because we didnt go to any high-end mall or clubs but the medellin women in general weren’t as hot as their reputation claimed. Or maybe since I got married things have really changed. Is that true? How come nobody warned me? Question mark ?

This is a simplified version of the bandeja paisa. This was just a bandeja cerdo. A grilled piece of pork, friend plantains, french fries, fried egg, frijoles (beans) and white rice. In the background you can see a pretty tasteless meat empanada.

Bird (sculpture by Fernando Botero) was destroyed by a terrorist attack in downtown Medellín. About 17 people died. Several body parts remained unidentified. The remains of the sculpture are displayed in San Antonio Square as a memorial for the victims. Can you spot Heejung in the photo?

I thought it was interesting they were using stencils for advertisements. Haven’t seen that before.

Sniffing Glue seems to be a drug of choice for some of the homeless people.

Botero seems to be everywhere in Medellin.

NYC Wall Art

Random street art around New York City.

Loved the absurdity of this one. Saw it in various places.

5 Pointz, NYC

Five Pointz is an outdoor art exhibit space in Long Island City, New York, considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca.” When I heard about this place I knew I had to visit it. Only on Saturday is it possible to go inside and have a look at the pieces inside and on the roof. Sadly we didn’t have that opportunity, but there is enough to see on the outside to make it worth your visit.

Scheveningen and Others

Photos I took in Scheveningen, Netherlands and other places around the country. No specific theme or anything.

Space Invaders: Paris Edition

When I walk around cities I always look around for grafitti, stencils and sticker art. I’ve been doing that since the pre-internet days of finding stencil art of “obey” and wondering why Andre the Giant had a posse.

In Amsterdam I came across these tiles that form the old video game character of Space Invaders. I had heard of this artist before from the documentary “Exit through the giftship” about the most famous street artists of all; Banksy.

Wikipedia has the following to say about this particular videogame inspired artist: Invader (born 1969) is a French urban artist who pastes up characters from and inspired by the Space Invaders game, made up of small coloured square tiles that form a mosaic. He does this in cities across the world.

In the end I only saw one in Amsterdam but when I came to Paris I saw them everywhere over the following few days. I think even the name space invaders is brilliant as his pieces are indeed invading (especially seen from the perspective of city officials) our spaces.

I somehow really like the concept of street art as it is often people wanting to express themselves in a public space. Too much of this space is already filled with brain numbing advertisements and meaningless promotions. When people are able to express themselves in a interesting and thoughtfull way I feel it adds so much to a cities character. Off course this isn’t always the case and sometimes you get people tagging and defacing property with meaningless drivel.

But in the end I would so much rather have more street art (good and bad) than another promotional poster for the latest bodycare cream, hollywood movie or shiny new smartphone.