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Aruba Timelapse Video

Please watch this in HD, it will be a much nicer experience.

I shot this around the island of Aruba, always marvelling at the many fast moving clouds.

Song is by moby licensed through ww.mobygratis.com


Lost in Arikok Park

On my last day in Aruba I went hiking in Arikok Park. Somehow it sounded like a great idea, I don’t know why we didn’t do the usual chill at the beach get-together. We started out reasonably early and  ended up getting lost. After many “127 hours”, “I shouldn’t be alive” and “Survivorman” jokes we realized we should just retrace our steps and go back.

Why is it that it is so hard to just turn around and go back the way you came from? Is there some form of eternal optimism that the way home is just around the corner we would be silly to turn back now? Why am I asking so many questions?

Did you know when goats bleat it sounds eerily like a child yelling. I would have been really freaked out by that at night. Weird goats.

Little did Heejung know the long trek ahead she would be facing. If indeed we would have gotten lost and had become goat food. This would have been the last picture of her. The one the TV-news channels would be playing of this “tragedy”

Pure Excitement: Huge Rocks

Huge rocks. Rocks in Ayo. Pardon my writing. I am currently sitting in a cold hostel room in Bogotá and somehow completely uninspired to write something interesting about rocks. Maybe thats a main characteristic of rocks? I mean how many songs or poems have been written about rocks? I mean these are pretty big rocks and we ( I mean me) have no clue how these big chunks of earth came together at this place. So anyway: Rocks.

Yeah, More Rocks.

Some guy had this fake tiger statue up in his yard. When we first saw it, it startled us but once we saw its lack of movement we started wondering what the mindset of a person is that would actually spent money and effort to put a fake big tiger in his yard. There was also a big fake concrete owl. Check them out when you have a chance.

Quick example why I use a superzoom on my DSLR. The first shot is at 18mm and the one on the right is fully zoomed in at 250mm. There are many sharper and faster lenses, but I love the convenience of carrying only one lens.

Aruba before & after in moving images.

The above photo was taken around 1915. Ninety-six years later allot has changed. The building on the right is the current Archaeological museum and was built in 1911 as a government office building. To the left of it is the old protestant church built in 1846. In the current image it is hard to see due to the trees, but you should be able to see the church tower. Now next to the old church is the new protestant church built in 1949.

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Q in the Aruban Sun

No Q, that rock doesn’t look like a hungry Dinosaur.

Silly Q, you are not an alcoholic beverage with an ironic name. You don’t belong there.

Where will you go next , Q ? If only you could talk.

Top 5 Beaches in Aruba

By Heejung

Okay, I’m no expert on beaches or anything water-related. But as someone who has been to Aruba three times, especially one of which being a long term stay of almost 1.5 months, I think I deserve having some words about it 🙂

Aruba is a fantastic place for many reasons but to many people, beautiful beaches would be the first thing that comes to their mind. So here is a bit of information from my part.

1. Eagle Beach

Eagle beach starts from the lower west coast of Aruba. It’s also where you can see low and high rise hotels. If you go to the area between Low Rise and High Rise hotels, you can actually park your car pretty close by the beautiful white sand and you can jump right in the water. There are lots of huts available for anybody for free without prior booking. (note: all the beaches in Aruba are public, which means that no hotels can block certain beaches and open them only for their customers). The waves are not so strong so you can enjoy pretty calm and warm water almost all the time.

2. Palm Beach

Palm Beach is located in the High Rise hotel area, where Westin, Occidental, Holiday Inn, and Hyatt, etc are. The sand is narrower compared to Eagle Beach, but you can enjoy the closeness from your hotel if you’re staying any of the hotels abovementioned. I found that the waves are calmer here. You can still go to Palm Beach even if you’re not staying at any hotels here, but some facilities such as huts and beach chairs (+ towels) could be for hotel customers only.

3. Baby Beach

Despite the fact that it’s located in the opposite side of the island, Baby Beach is something definitely worth putting some effort to drive to. The great thing about this Baby Beach is that you can snorkel here and actually meet a lot of different kinds of fish. You can bring your own snorkeling equipment or you can rent it from the shack at the beach. There you can also buy some bread to feed fish – you’ll be amazed how quickly and how effectively a small piece of bread attracts so many fish. Be careful as some of them are so hungry that they might try to eat up your fingers. You can also try to throw some bread in the air for seagulls and see how fascinating catchers they are. Snorkeling here may not introduce you to the great corals but surely, it’s the place to look at some beautiful fish.

4. Arashi Beach

Probably due to a little distance from the hotel area, Arashi Beach is more for locals. If you want to enjoy a bit different atmosphere than Eagle or Palm beach, you may surely drive a bit up to the north from your hotel. It is more quiet because of less tourists, but you can see that the waves are stronger here. Off this Arashi Beach, it is the place where many snorkeling boats anchor for some time so that the tourists can enjoy snorkeling. You can see lots of fish but not so ‘up close and personal’ experience as Baby Beach in terms of snorkeling with fish.

5. Hadicurari Beach

I’m not sure if Hadicurari is also good for swimming. But this is the place if you want to try windsurfing or kiteboarding. Aruba has a year-round strong wind from the same direction, so that’s why Aruba is a famous destination for windsurfers. Upon parking your car right next to the beach, you’ll see some small offices from which you can rent the equipment.

Alright, have you chosen where to go? 😉

A Pepper Party or How I make my wife Suffer.

by Nestor

I make bets with my wife. It tends to make mundane situations into something much  more exciting. So when my dad showed me a pepper plant growing in their front yard I knew I had to challenge Heejung to eat one.

I offered $5 and the bet was made. My mom said she doesn’t cook with the pepper as it is too hot and Heejung said afterwards it was the spiciest thing she had ever eaten and that the video doesn’t reflect the pain, agony and suffering.