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Giffin in Style in Uyuni


“An empty canvas is a living wonder… far lovelier than certain pictures.”
Wassily Kandinsky


Our tour-group for 3 days through the Uyuni salt flats and surrounding deserts. I am horrible with names so from left to right the nicknames or what I remember about them: German TV Lady who loves Barcelona Football, Mexican Doctor Couple, Pretty Awesome Korean Girl, Driver and guide, Cook lady, German lady who likes sailing and eating lots of coca leaves and me.


“Make an empty space in any corner of your mind, and creativity will instantly fill it.”
Dee Hock


Dancing through Ecuador

Here is part 2 of us dancing through out South America. This was all shot in Ecuador in places like Otavalo, Quito, Banos, Puerto Quito, Cuenca and Guayaquil.

Whats in my Bag

Backpack Contents

Please click on the link to go to flickr and see the notes on what each item is. When I was preparing for this trip I was always interested what people would bring along on this trip and what is essential and what isn’t. And off course this varies from person to person. I have quite a bit of camera equipment and my laptop is pretty big and heavy. The only things missing from the picture is my DSLR camera and wide-angle lens, the clothing I was wearing and my iPod and passport.
Jalapeno Jones ( click on the photo to see what/who that is) has been given to some Ecuadorian Kids after we failed to use him in any way. The Spoon/Fork/Knife hybrid has been one of the most useful items we have brought along.