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New York City Mega Post

9-11 Memorial

We visited the 9-11 memorial. We got our tickets online, joined the queue and got searched by security. The site was pretty impressive. The foundations of the two towers were transformed into massive waterfalls with the names of the victims etched into the side. It’s was good to see how international the names were showing it wasn’t just an attack on the US but the whole world.


South Street Seaport


Katz Delicatessen

It was filled to the brim with tourists but still maintained an authentic feeling of a an old classic deli. We had the beef brisket with gravy on rye bread.


McSorely’s Old Ale House

After eating at NYC’s oldest deli, we grabbed some beers at NYC’s oldest bar. I liked that there are only 2 types of beers on tap ( light and dark) and with amazing prices for NYC ($5 for 2 beers). It really is old and so is allot of the decoration. You can feel the stories and history in the walls. Plus the beer is good.


Times Square

Even though it can be annoyingly busy and touristy. I think it is my favorite people watching spot in the world. So many different types of people all gathering in this one place blasting your senses into an overload of lights and sounds.


Prosperity Dumplings and Chinatown

I visited this place a couple of years back and remember they had some fantastic dumplings. You can see 3 ladies in the back making the dumplings by hand and you can really taste the freshness. I got a bit greedy and ordered 10 fried dumplings and 10 steamed ones ($1 for 5 dumplings, amazing deal) and somehow miraculously we managed to finish them all.


St Patricks Day Parade


All Over the City



Singapore: Then & Now

I’ve always liked pictures that showed the same place from the same angle but taken many years apart. To see how things change or even how much things change the same. Singapore is a very dynamic city, there are many new building projects but they also maintain older classical buildings. These photo’s are the results of some googling, figuring out where the locations are and spending a few days shooting in the hot sun. The older photos range from 1910 to 1950.

Victoria Building

Stamford Building

St Andrews from 1950’s

St Andrews from 1920’s

Smith Street in ChinaTown

The Singapore river from Cavenagh bridge.

National Museum

Raffles Hotel

The Fullerton Hotel

Hill Street Firestation

High Street 1910

City Hall and the Old Supreme Court

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd