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Brighton Beach, Little Odessa

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Arequipa in Short

The first night in Arequipa I got a toothache. I got it checked out and I went through an emergency root canal procedure. It’s challenging communicating in a language you don’t completely understand with all types of medical equipment in your mouth. In the end it took 3 visits and I still wasn’t done but we had to get to Cuzco by that time. It was a very nice, calm and pretty city.

arequipa peru (5)

arequipa peru (6)

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arequipa peru (8)

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Lounging in Lima, Peru

lima peru (1)

lima peru (3)

lima peru (2)

lima peru (4)

One of the best dishes in Peru. Lomo Saltado.

lima peru (5)

lima peru (6)

lima peru (7)

lima peru (8)

lima peru (10)

lima peru (11)

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lima peru (9)

Dancing Around Paris, NYC and Holland

Coming from Asia to Aruba to get married we made some stops in The Netherlands, Paris, NYC and Shanghai. Here are some of the highlights and our attempts at public dancing of course.


NYC Wall Art

Random street art around New York City.

Loved the absurdity of this one. Saw it in various places.

Q in NYC

I guess we had too much fun in NYC to include Q. We only have a few pictures of him. He did tend to disapear at night, so we assume he had a great time too checking out the Big Apple nightlife.

Q at this iconic spot in Brooklyn with Manhattan bridge in the background.

Q almost got sunburned at a really hot day at the beach at Coney Island. Did you know Coney Island comes from the Dutch word Konijnen Eiland, which means rabbit island, because in the old days there used to be tons of rabbits to be found there.

Q showing his Hip Hop knowledge posing with Nas, a top 3 all time New York rapper. Also there is a sleeping cat.

Q doesn’t feel like watching The Sorpranos in the airplane. I think he is more of a “Sex and the City” bear.

Desolate New York

New York City is a packed busy place, but once you leave the main streets there are empty places, lonely areas to be found.

Singapore Timelapse

My one minute timelapse video of Singapore. I wish I had shot more but this is all I have. I actually did shoot more, but I just can’t find those photos. All put together in After Effects at 15 fps.

Desolate Urban Spaces

By Nestor


Deserted of people and in a state of bleak and dismal emptiness.

This is a theme I have been shooting lately. Trying to bring across urban environments without humans and more as a landscape image. The pictures were taken in Paris and Seoul.

The Ongoing Saga of a Panda called Q

by Nestor

Heejung was the one who gave Q his name.I was the one who picked him up at the Shanghai airport. Some might say I bought him from an airport giftshop, but I would rather believe we became friends and he decided to join me on my trip.

For the last few months he has spent the majority of his time in Heejung’s bookcase looking at her doing her every-day things. Last week when she was getting ready to move out of South Korea the topic of what to do with Q came up. We decided to let him go back to his home city.

We had a halfday layover in Shanghai and this would be the perfect opportunity to send Q home and let him be with his own kind. We had a great day together exploring the city.

When we got back to the airport and it was time for us to get our plane to Paris we had to say goodbye. Neither of us wanted this to happen and neither one wanted to say farewell first. In the end we  just couldn’t let go and now Q will join us in our travels and for how long only fate knows.