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Amsterdam Noordermarkt

At the end of the Lindenmarkt we came across the Noordermarkt. It was focussed on bio-friendly produced wares. There was some items there. One vendor explained what made their cheese so special was that the cows were in Austria eating only one specific type of grass which in turn made their milk and then the cheese so much more flavourful. One lady at the mushroom stand was giving all different types of recipes for the various mushrooms she was selling. Interesting place.

noorder markt amsterdam (1)

noorder markt amsterdam (2)

noorder markt amsterdam (3)

noorder markt amsterdam (4)

noorder markt amsterdam (5)

noorder markt amsterdam (6)

noorder markt amsterdam (8)

noorder markt amsterdam (9)

noorder markt amsterdam (7)


San Gil & Barichara

Since I don’t know what to write about San Gil and our day trip to nearby Barichara I decided to ask Heejung about it so I don’t have to think about it.

What was the best part about San Gil?

Freshly cooked empanadas every morning. Corn and steak on a stick at night. Huge sleepy trees in the park and Nestor buying me tintos (Colombian Coffee) every day.

How was white water rafting?

It was a lifetime experience because it was my first time to experience white water rafting and because I also almost saw heaven until Nestor caught my foot and brought me back to life. I twas beautiful, I mean heaven. [Nestor: during one of the rapids, Heejung almost fell out of the boat until I grabbed her ankle and kept her inside the raft]

What was your favorite thing to eat in San Gil?

See the answer above Plus El Mana (restaurant recommended in Lonely Planet). Nine thousand five hundred pesos, Salad, appetizer, soup, garlic bread which I really liked, main dish, fresh fruit juice and dessert.

How would you describe San Gil to people and would you recommend it?

Yes, I would. San Gil is a small city which may at a first glance may look quite crowded and boring, but there are allot of activities to do, but even if you don’t do these (like water rafting) its a good place to just relax and enjoy some nice food. I would recommend to go up to the upper part of San Gil where you can enjoy the view and watch the people of San Gil living their every day life.

What do you remember about Barichara?

<Heejung frowns> I’m sorry to say this, but I remember so many old churches, some of which smelled quite bad. Over.

Please make up a story of where the name Barichara came from:

It was founded by a missionary from Sevilla, Spain, whose name was Barito Miguel Sanchez and his nickname was Barichad and he was really popular among local people and he was always fun and great storyteller and kids were always around him and somehow kids started calling him Senor Baricharia and from there on the town was called Barichara.

Day 1: Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, insert Pablo Escobar related fact here.

I found medellin to have a world class metro system. The subwaycars were spacious, wide and clean. People in the subway were very polite and used their indoor-voices when having a conversation. I heard many things before about Medellin being the plastic surgery capital of Colombia, but I did not really notice this much. Maybe because we didnt go to any high-end mall or clubs but the medellin women in general weren’t as hot as their reputation claimed. Or maybe since I got married things have really changed. Is that true? How come nobody warned me? Question mark ?

This is a simplified version of the bandeja paisa. This was just a bandeja cerdo. A grilled piece of pork, friend plantains, french fries, fried egg, frijoles (beans) and white rice. In the background you can see a pretty tasteless meat empanada.

Bird (sculpture by Fernando Botero) was destroyed by a terrorist attack in downtown MedellĂ­n. About 17 people died. Several body parts remained unidentified. The remains of the sculpture are displayed in San Antonio Square as a memorial for the victims. Can you spot Heejung in the photo?

I thought it was interesting they were using stencils for advertisements. Haven’t seen that before.

Sniffing Glue seems to be a drug of choice for some of the homeless people.

Botero seems to be everywhere in Medellin.

Seoul in Video HD

After Singapore I spent 2 weeks in Korea and this is quick video of that. Im sure you are dying to see this video after the amazing blog title. Learn how to eat Korean BBQ like a true local ! Learn how not to ride a bike ! So much to learn, so little time ! Exclamation mark !