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Aruba Timelapse Video

Please watch this in HD, it will be a much nicer experience.

I shot this around the island of Aruba, always marvelling at the many fast moving clouds.

Song is by moby licensed through ww.mobygratis.com


Dancing Around Paris, NYC and Holland

Coming from Asia to Aruba to get married we made some stops in The Netherlands, Paris, NYC and Shanghai. Here are some of the highlights and our attempts at public dancing of course.


Heejung & Nestor Korean Wedding Shoot

Behind the scenes of our Korean Traditional Hanbok Wedding photo shoot. Thanks to Seonmi for shooting most of the video.

Seoul in Video HD

After Singapore I spent 2 weeks in Korea and this is quick video of that. Im sure you are dying to see this video after the amazing blog title. Learn how to eat Korean BBQ like a true local ! Learn how not to ride a bike ! So much to learn, so little time ! Exclamation mark !

A Pepper Party or How I make my wife Suffer.

by Nestor

I make bets with my wife. It tends to make mundane situations into something much  more exciting. So when my dad showed me a pepper plant growing in their front yard I knew I had to challenge Heejung to eat one.

I offered $5 and the bet was made. My mom said she doesn’t cook with the pepper as it is too hot and Heejung said afterwards it was the spiciest thing she had ever eaten and that the video doesn’t reflect the pain, agony and suffering.


Singapore Timelapse

My one minute timelapse video of Singapore. I wish I had shot more but this is all I have. I actually did shoot more, but I just can’t find those photos. All put together in After Effects at 15 fps.

North Vietnam in Video

Video I shot and edited about my trip in Vietnam. Locations are Halong Bay, Ninh Binh and Hanoi. Feel free to watch in HD since I shot it as such.

Song is “Understand me now” by pretty lights.