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Kermis, History and Random pictures

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  Near our place in Amsterdam West there was a carnival being held so we dropped by on a Sunny Sunday. It was okay. We didn’t go on any rides because even though it was sunny it was also windy and chilly.

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Some Random Amsterdam History.


This is the highest point in Amsterdam. That bridge. I believe it is 1.8 meters about the sea level. Shows you how flat Amsterdam is and how much of the Netherlands is below the sea level.


The building in the middle is a former hidden Catholic church. Even though the Dutch strongly push for tolerance, somehow this didn’t really apply to Catholics a couple of centuries ago. So people of the Catholic faith created their own churches in their houses. This one looked pretty well hidden but when they installed the second largest organ in the Netherlands in the attic for their services the “hidden” part was kinda forgotten.


This was the site of a former female prison. This was situated reasonably close to the red light district. Some of the head honchos of the various religious groups in that time weren’t happy with how Amsterdam allowed such a large amount of activity in the red light district. To appease these fellows they created this prison, once in a while they would pick up a random unlucky hooker and have her locked up and whipped. For a certain amount of money you could visit and watch the ladies get whipped. Families could bring their children to see what would happen if they did not listen and follow the rules.


This was an anonymous piece of art somebody created and installed in the red light district. At one point the city removed it but people asked for it to be put back and it was. Nobody figured out who the artist was or whose breast is was based on.