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Brighton Beach, Little Odessa

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Dancing Around Paris, NYC and Holland

Coming from Asia to Aruba to get married we made some stops in The Netherlands, Paris, NYC and Shanghai. Here are some of the highlights and our attempts at public dancing of course.


Neeeewwww Yoooorkk

I noticed this Japanse guy with a large format camera in Times Square. He was composing and lining up his shot for quite a while, I didn’t really see what he wanted to take a picture of but I understand him taking the time to do so as every shot costs a couple of dollars on a large format camera.

Along with Coney Island, DUMBO is a great place for photography, there is the iconic shot of manhattan bridge between the buildings, but also a great place for a manhattan skyline and brooklyn bridge photo.

NYC Wall Art

Random street art around New York City.

Loved the absurdity of this one. Saw it in various places.

Q in NYC

I guess we had too much fun in NYC to include Q. We only have a few pictures of him. He did tend to disapear at night, so we assume he had a great time too checking out the Big Apple nightlife.

Q at this iconic spot in Brooklyn with Manhattan bridge in the background.

Q almost got sunburned at a really hot day at the beach at Coney Island. Did you know Coney Island comes from the Dutch word Konijnen Eiland, which means rabbit island, because in the old days there used to be tons of rabbits to be found there.

Q showing his Hip Hop knowledge posing with Nas, a top 3 all time New York rapper. Also there is a sleeping cat.

Q doesn’t feel like watching The Sorpranos in the airplane. I think he is more of a “Sex and the City” bear.

5 Pointz, NYC

Five Pointz is an outdoor art exhibit space in Long Island City, New York, considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca.” When I heard about this place I knew I had to visit it. Only on Saturday is it possible to go inside and have a look at the pieces inside and on the roof. Sadly we didn’t have that opportunity, but there is enough to see on the outside to make it worth your visit.

Desolate New York

New York City is a packed busy place, but once you leave the main streets there are empty places, lonely areas to be found.