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Themes around Ecuador

These are some of themes across South America. First up is Heejung presenting things. She doesn’t always manage to present the things correctly on her hand.

IMG_1813 copy

Heejung presenting a waterfall near Banos. Doesn’t quite look right.

IMG_9627 copy

Heejung presenting the Ecuator. Well kind of.

IMG_1179 copy

Heejung presenting a tourists head. Or it may be the statue in the background in the middle of Old Town Quito.

IMG_1512 copy

Heejung presenting another waterfall in Puerto Quito (Cascada Azul)

Next up is My Blurry Tourist theme.

IMG_1486 copy

High up on a mountain with Quito in the background

IMG_1522 copy

Cascada Azul in the background.

And finally is Heejung’s frustrated face “How come I never visited here before?”

IMG_1753 copy

“How come I never ventured into the Jungle before?”

IMG_9673 copy

“How come this is my first time to the Equator?”

IMG_1437 copy

“How come I never went into the highest cable car before to look down on Quito before?”

IMG_2189 copy

“How come I didnt know about this town called Banos before”?”


Floating around Ecuador

We display our gravitational-disobeying posing styles in Guayaquil, Otavalo, Quito, Cuenca, Banos and El Mitad del Mundo.


Our Travel Themes: How not get bored taking Photos at Landmarks

Introducing some of our travel themes.

I always enjoy the concepts of theme’s. After putting them all together it gives a nice sense consistency over various places we’ve traveled. These are some of the themes we are currently working with. I don’t know which ones we’ll maintain throughout the whole trip or what new ones we will develop, but it is nice to have some concrete ideas for poses that are a bit non-traditional.

Theme 1: Floating around the world.

Theme 2: Blurred Tourist

Theme 3: Frustrated by Great Sights: How comes I’ve missed this for so long?

Theme 4: Presented to you

Do you have any photo themes while you travel?