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Brighton Beach, Little Odessa

brighton beach small

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New York City Mega Post

9-11 Memorial

We visited the 9-11 memorial. We got our tickets online, joined the queue and got searched by security. The site was pretty impressive. The foundations of the two towers were transformed into massive waterfalls with the names of the victims etched into the side. It’s was good to see how international the names were showing it wasn’t just an attack on the US but the whole world.


South Street Seaport


Katz Delicatessen

It was filled to the brim with tourists but still maintained an authentic feeling of a an old classic deli. We had the beef brisket with gravy on rye bread.


McSorely’s Old Ale House

After eating at NYC’s oldest deli, we grabbed some beers at NYC’s oldest bar. I liked that there are only 2 types of beers on tap ( light and dark) and with amazing prices for NYC ($5 for 2 beers). It really is old and so is allot of the decoration. You can feel the stories and history in the walls. Plus the beer is good.


Times Square

Even though it can be annoyingly busy and touristy. I think it is my favorite people watching spot in the world. So many different types of people all gathering in this one place blasting your senses into an overload of lights and sounds.


Prosperity Dumplings and Chinatown

I visited this place a couple of years back and remember they had some fantastic dumplings. You can see 3 ladies in the back making the dumplings by hand and you can really taste the freshness. I got a bit greedy and ordered 10 fried dumplings and 10 steamed ones ($1 for 5 dumplings, amazing deal) and somehow miraculously we managed to finish them all.


St Patricks Day Parade


All Over the City


The Bolivian Adventures of Q


Q and the Crimson Lagoon of Doom


Q in La Paz; High Altitude and Coca leaves.


First Encounters: Q in the Valley of the Moon


Fishy tales. Q on Isla de Pescada in the Salt Desert.


The launch of Q from the Salar de Uyuni


Q and the Stone Desert Tree of Wisdom.


Q and the Crimson Lagoon of Doom II

Floating over Bolivia

floating bolivia (5)

floating bolivia (8)

floating bolivia (9)

floating bolivia (1)

floating bolivia (2)

floating bolivia (3)

floating bolivia (4)

floating bolivia (6)

floating bolivia (7)

Photos at Machu Picchu

For such an picturesque place I didn’t take as many photo’s. I did take quite some video’s so you have to look forward to. Below is a nice breakfast with some essential coca-leaves. Works better than coffee.

machu picchu peru (4)

machu picchu peru (1)

machu picchu peru (2)

machu picchu peru (3)

machu picchu

machu picchu peru (5)

Floating all over Peru

jump float peru (1)jump float peru (2)jump float peru (3)jump float peru (4)jump float peru (5)jump float peru (6)jump float peru (7)jump float peru (8)jump float peru (9)jump float peru (10)jump float peru (11)jump float peru (12)

Q all over Peru

q peru panda (1)

Q at the main square in Arequipa

q peru panda (2)

Q watching the original Inca king and queen come out of Lake Titicaca.

q peru panda (3)

Inca checking out the Pacific Ocean from Lima.

q peru panda (4)

Q trying to cross the street to the main square in Lima

q peru panda (5)

Q enjoying the view in the country side of Arequipa with volcanoes in the background.

q peru panda (6)

Q is lost in Cuzo

q peru panda (7)

Q and Machu Picchu and 2 strangers posing with him.

q peru panda (8)

Again Q at Machu  Picchu. He must really like that place.

q peru panda (9)

Q hiding at the Inca buildings of Pisac. Can you find him?

q peru panda (10)

Q going down to Cuzco.

q peru panda (13)

Q with the hard to spell Ollantaytambo in the background.

Arequipa in Short

The first night in Arequipa I got a toothache. I got it checked out and I went through an emergency root canal procedure. It’s challenging communicating in a language you don’t completely understand with all types of medical equipment in your mouth. In the end it took 3 visits and I still wasn’t done but we had to get to Cuzco by that time. It was a very nice, calm and pretty city.

arequipa peru (5)

arequipa peru (6)

arequipa peru (2)

arequipa peru (3)

arequipa peru (7)

arequipa peru (8)

arequipa peru (9)

arequipa peru (10)

arequipa peru (1)

arequipa peru (4)

Q Wandering around Ecuador

IMG_0324 copy

Q wandering around Cuenca. He like bridges.

IMG_0352 copy

IMG_0468 copy

IMG_1139 copy

IMG_1293 copy

IMG_1295 copy

What? No Q, try flying again !

IMG_1296 copy

That’s better !

IMG_1438 copy

IMG_2281 copy

Banos at night. Q likes romantic hangouts.

IMG_2238 copy

Haha, Silly Q, you don’t have a license ! Plus you’re drunk. That would be a bad idea !

Sleeping & Resting in Ecuador

The following are the hostel, hostels, cardboard boxes, train station, bridges and hostals we stayed at during our travels in Ecuador.

Hostal Carolina in Banos

banos Hostal Carolina (3)banos Hostal Carolina (1)hostal carolina roof (1)hostal carolina roof (3)

We actually stayed for 7 days one of our longest stays during our South American trip. We actually left after a couple of days but a sports tournament in our next destination filled up all the hotels and send us straight back to Banos. We tried finding another hostel on our second trip, but couldn’t find anything for the same price with WiFi. The bottom picture is of the rooftop room, try to get this one if you can, very much worth it for the view and the WiFi still works there.

Price: $12 per room per night

Hostal Belmont in Quito

Beltmont (1)Beltmont (2)

I didnt find it that bad since the high speed WiFi more than made up its deficiencies. Heejung did not like the lack of windows and the sparseness of the room. Walking distance to old town and never really felt unsafe. There is a great breakfast place on the corner where you can get eggs, bread, coffee and juice for $1

Price: $12 per room per night

Sucre Boutique Hotel in QuitoBoutique Surcre Hotel (1)Boutique Surcre Hotel (2)

My parents came to visit so it was time to splurge. Room service and free daily bottled water. Working television with cable. Decent Wifi (belmont was better) but a terrific location right in the Old Town of Quito.

Price: $60 per room per night

Cucuya Eco Lodge in Puerto Quito

cucuya puerto quito (1)cucuya puerto quito (2)

Nice Eco Lodge located next to the river. Lots of plants and trees to walk around in. Mosquitos at night so bring plenty of repellent or a flamethrower. Shared bathroom but everything was clean.

Price $20 per room per night

Hotel Eloy Alfaro in Guayaquil

Guayaquil  (1)Guayaquil  (2)

No windows, small cockroaches in the bathroom, dangerous neighbourhood at night, bathroom open to the bedroom. WiFi was probably the fastest I had experienced in Ecuador though.

Price: $16 per room per night

Hostel Huauki in Quito

hostal huauki (3)hostal huauki (2)

We stayed here during our first night in Quito due to good reviews. We didn’t stay longer due to high prices. Breakfast was included but not really worth it. Bathroom was built into the room and WiFi was decent. Smack in the middle of Mariscal area. We preferred to stay in the Old town though.

Price: $25 per room per night

Hotel Melanie in Quito

Hostal Melanie Quito (2)Hostal Melanie Quito (1)

Hotel we found while looking for a cheaper alternative. Run by a local family focussed on local tourist. One of the best deals we found in Quito for a private room with private bathroom. Decent WiFi, close to Old Town, family has 2 cool young curious boys.

Price: $12 per room per night

Hostal Nomada in Banos

Hostal Nomada (4)Hostal Nomada (5)

We stayed here one night. WiFi was decent, good shower. Was a bit expensive though compared to other options in Banos.

Price $16 per room per night

Hostal Santa Fe in Cuenca

Hostal Santa Fe Cuenca (1)Hostal Santa Fe Cuenca (2)

We arrived in Cuenca at 5 in the morning. Most other hostals were closed. We found Santa Fe at 6 in morning and stayed here even though we felt it was really overpriced. Searching the town for a cheaper accommodation didn’t yield any results. Decent WiFi, small room with no outside windows

Price $20 per room per night

Hotel Maria in Otavalo

Otavalo Maria (2)

Otavalo Maria (1)

Good location in Otavalo. We reserved this hotel since we were arriving late from Colombia and they kept our reservation even though we arrived after 10pm. No WiFi, spacious room with private bathroom and TV.

Price: $14 per room per night

Posada Del Quinde in Otavalo

Posada Del Quinde Otavalo (1)Posada Del Quinde Otavalo (2)

I booked this place due to its many postive reviews on tripadvisor and well deserved so. Breakfast included and nice garden. We booked a suite with a kitchen and it was very spacious. We could have easily fit another 4 people. Wifi was good too. On Fridays there is live music in the restaurant are and everynight they light the fireplace.

Price: $150 per room per night