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Photography themes in Peru

We didn’t work as hard on our themes in Peru. So we don’t have as many as previous countries.

Heejung presenting things:peru themes (1)

peru themes (2)

peru themes (3)

peru themes (4)

peru themes (7)

Heejung’s “I should have come here earlier when the Incas still lived here” face

peru themes (5)

My sole Peru “Blurry Tourist” pose.

peru themes (6)


Repeating themes across Colombia

First up is Heejung Presenting things. Somehow she doesn’t always manage to put the subject directly on her hand.

IMG_9919 copy

Here is Heejung presenting a Church in Barichara. She doesn’t quite get it.IMG_9653 copy

Heejung presenting a garden/jungle in Banos. Not quite there yet.IMG_6521 copy

Okay, this is in Aruba, not Colombia, But I didn’t know where else to put it.

IMG_9438 copy

Heejung presenting a huge rock. People climb the rock. People take pictures of the rock.

Here is my Blurry Tourist theme. The only picture I took in Colombia was 3 hours before leaving Colombia at the las Lajas Church

IMG_0968 copy

And finally is Heejung’s frustrated face “How come I never visited here before?”

IMG_9907 copyIMG_9774 copyIMG_9617 copyIMG_9439 copyIMG_0956 copyIMG_0626 copyIMG_0043 copy

So angry and frustrated at never visiting all these places before.