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Themes around Ecuador

These are some of themes across South America. First up is Heejung presenting things. She doesn’t always manage to present the things correctly on her hand.

IMG_1813 copy

Heejung presenting a waterfall near Banos. Doesn’t quite look right.

IMG_9627 copy

Heejung presenting the Ecuator. Well kind of.

IMG_1179 copy

Heejung presenting a tourists head. Or it may be the statue in the background in the middle of Old Town Quito.

IMG_1512 copy

Heejung presenting another waterfall in Puerto Quito (Cascada Azul)

Next up is My Blurry Tourist theme.

IMG_1486 copy

High up on a mountain with Quito in the background

IMG_1522 copy

Cascada Azul in the background.

And finally is Heejung’s frustrated face “How come I never visited here before?”

IMG_1753 copy

“How come I never ventured into the Jungle before?”

IMG_9673 copy

“How come this is my first time to the Equator?”

IMG_1437 copy

“How come I never went into the highest cable car before to look down on Quito before?”

IMG_2189 copy

“How come I didnt know about this town called Banos before”?”


The Bolivian Adventures of Q


Q and the Crimson Lagoon of Doom


Q in La Paz; High Altitude and Coca leaves.


First Encounters: Q in the Valley of the Moon


Fishy tales. Q on Isla de Pescada in the Salt Desert.


The launch of Q from the Salar de Uyuni


Q and the Stone Desert Tree of Wisdom.


Q and the Crimson Lagoon of Doom II

Floating over Bolivia

floating bolivia (5)

floating bolivia (8)

floating bolivia (9)

floating bolivia (1)

floating bolivia (2)

floating bolivia (3)

floating bolivia (4)

floating bolivia (6)

floating bolivia (7)

Floating all over Peru

jump float peru (1)jump float peru (2)jump float peru (3)jump float peru (4)jump float peru (5)jump float peru (6)jump float peru (7)jump float peru (8)jump float peru (9)jump float peru (10)jump float peru (11)jump float peru (12)

Q all over Peru

q peru panda (1)

Q at the main square in Arequipa

q peru panda (2)

Q watching the original Inca king and queen come out of Lake Titicaca.

q peru panda (3)

Inca checking out the Pacific Ocean from Lima.

q peru panda (4)

Q trying to cross the street to the main square in Lima

q peru panda (5)

Q enjoying the view in the country side of Arequipa with volcanoes in the background.

q peru panda (6)

Q is lost in Cuzo

q peru panda (7)

Q and Machu Picchu and 2 strangers posing with him.

q peru panda (8)

Again Q at Machu  Picchu. He must really like that place.

q peru panda (9)

Q hiding at the Inca buildings of Pisac. Can you find him?

q peru panda (10)

Q going down to Cuzco.

q peru panda (13)

Q with the hard to spell Ollantaytambo in the background.

Q Wandering around Ecuador

IMG_0324 copy

Q wandering around Cuenca. He like bridges.

IMG_0352 copy

IMG_0468 copy

IMG_1139 copy

IMG_1293 copy

IMG_1295 copy

What? No Q, try flying again !

IMG_1296 copy

That’s better !

IMG_1438 copy

IMG_2281 copy

Banos at night. Q likes romantic hangouts.

IMG_2238 copy

Haha, Silly Q, you don’t have a license ! Plus you’re drunk. That would be a bad idea !

Floating around Ecuador

We display our gravitational-disobeying posing styles in Guayaquil, Otavalo, Quito, Cuenca, Banos and El Mitad del Mundo.


Repeating themes across Colombia

First up is Heejung Presenting things. Somehow she doesn’t always manage to put the subject directly on her hand.

IMG_9919 copy

Here is Heejung presenting a Church in Barichara. She doesn’t quite get it.IMG_9653 copy

Heejung presenting a garden/jungle in Banos. Not quite there yet.IMG_6521 copy

Okay, this is in Aruba, not Colombia, But I didn’t know where else to put it.

IMG_9438 copy

Heejung presenting a huge rock. People climb the rock. People take pictures of the rock.

Here is my Blurry Tourist theme. The only picture I took in Colombia was 3 hours before leaving Colombia at the las Lajas Church

IMG_0968 copy

And finally is Heejung’s frustrated face “How come I never visited here before?”

IMG_9907 copyIMG_9774 copyIMG_9617 copyIMG_9439 copyIMG_0956 copyIMG_0626 copyIMG_0043 copy

So angry and frustrated at never visiting all these places before.

Q chilling in Colombia

Amazing Church in Las Lajas near the border with Ecuador.

IMG_0949 copy

Q looking over Villa de Leyva after a tiring hike. He tagged along in Heejungs purse.

IMG_0042 copy

City view over Bogota. Huge city. Small Panda.

IMG_0627 copy

Q trying to fly again in the main square of Villa de Leyva.

IMG_0383 copy

Q founded his own bar in Medellin. However due to substance abuse issues with most of the staff working there Q was forced to close his bar after a full three hours of operation.

IMG_9914 copy

Q at home with Bamboo in San Gil.

San Gil (1) copySan Gil (2) copyIMG_9896 copy

Q cheering on Athletico, the local Medellin Club. It worked and they won.

IMG_9999 copy

IMG_9674 copyIMG_9767 copyIMG_9526 copy

Q with the statue of a man throwing a bouquet of flowers. Q thinks it is a nice gesture but since the flowers are made of stone injuries may occur and the kind act could be interpreted as a violent action.IMG_0011 copy

sylvia copyIMG_0860 copy

Q at the Museo del Oro in Bogota. Due to the price of gold even a keychain in the Museum gift shop was over his budget.

IMG_0565 copyIMG_9434 copy

Not exactly Colombia, but we went through Curacao to get to Medellin and even spent an unexpected night there due to some airline mishap.

IMG_9776 copy

Floating Around Colombia

We floated in the follow locations (order of photo’s): Medellin,                       Bogota, Silvia, Villa de Leyva, Barichara, San Gil, Popayan and                              San Gil again.